Igor Tassara Jordao

About Candidate

ITJ’s experience

Well, first of all my name’s Igor but if you think it’s hard to pronounce it you can call me IT or IJ. Making easier and adapting trough new languages. I am from the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and came to Australia to extend my exchange and learn what the world offers for whom takes the risks. Here I am looking for a job that suits the lifestyle chosen by dream life.

My background of Business Administration bachelor made me go to the path of coding and web development on Mindroom and data analyse trough web seminars to qualify myself into this full connected worldwide. I have experience on SAP by the time  I was working as an intern at L’Oreal S.A Rio de Janeiro and also with excel spreadsheets and vba reporting them to the Heads on my department. Coding and Data analyse are the future and the future starts now.

I am ready to take any position to earn experience and develop myself.